Chocolate soap with mint and cocoa drops

IMG_0775IMG_0701Soap formulated with palm oil / babassu oil / olive oil / castor oil / cocoa butter – 30/30/30/5/5 with SF (superfating) 5%, lye concentration of 30%, 13 % (o/o) of solid chocolate bars with 70% cocoa and 0.7% (o/o) of 100% cocoa powder. The soap was decorated with the technique of straws with green pigment of chromium and titanium dioxide for green spots and aroma of 3% (o/o) of essential oil of peppermint. In the cocoa colored spots the red iron oxide was tinting with black iron oxide and titanium dioxide, and  to give aroma, was used sweet orange essential oil 2% (o/o).

IMG_0491Was made this device that eliminates the use of modeling clay to hold the straws. It measures the mold and is attached to the bottom of the mold. The wells are 8.5 mm in diameter to hold 8 mm straws and has a depth of 12 mm.

IMG_0650This mold was especially designed to allow to do 6 x 9 cm bars from 6 up to 24 bars  (130g) using the technique of pipes.

IMG_0653As this decoration was not used all the wells, those that are not used have been closed with tape (in blue).

IMG_0657The chocolate is mixed with oils and cocoa butter and melted in the microwave.

IMG_0660To use the technique of straws is important to leave a trace very light, which is added cocoa powder.

IMG_0663With the light trace is possible and even the mass of soap in the mold with the straws. The mold is in its maximum capacity as the mass is for 24 bars.

IMG_0664There was the formation of full gel and the surface temperature was 42 º C and after 6 hours the straws were removed when the temperature dropped to 32 º C.

IMG_0668Despite the high temperature generated by the gel phase, there were no problems with surface irregularities such as cracks. This mold format favors the full gel when used at maximum capacity. Decoration was made as described above, with the very light mass trace.

IMG_0669As mold lining was used a so-called opal plastic that is used to make lamps domes. Excellent plastic for this purpose.

IMG_0680Using the vertical cutter was cut 3 mm from the top of the bar to eliminate the imperfections due to filling the cavities.

IMG_0689With the vertical cutter bar was cut into four smaller bars with a thickness of 23 mm.

IMG_0691All smaller bars cut, no imperfection.

IMG_0714The individual bars was cut with individually cutter to all 24 bars standard size 6 x 9 cm.

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