Old scale – recovery

IMG_0666This rampant digital age we live in, going through a junkyard around here, I came across this mechanical Filizola scale. Very damaged, leaning very time, witnessed by last INMETRO inspection sticker dated 2002 there, but in a quick check found that it worked perfectly. Bought by Mr Silvano owner of the junkyard with intent to restore it.

P1030887RevI do not have a precise reference to the scale but I know that this type was widely used at post offices for the weighing letters to make the charging,


The scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 2 kg and the scale reading is divided into 1 g.


Very robust scale, made ​​of cast iron, weighs 15kg, very stable and accurate.


Simple soap mold

Many already has its mold they use and are satisfied with it.
However people who are starting have some difficulty getting or make them.
I designed this simple mold whose dimensions are 300 x 90 x 100 mm that allows 12 bars of soap 130g in standard size of 90 x 60 x 25 mm. For this standard size 12 bars the soap mass required is 1560g. As has a height of 100mm, allows taller bars, limited to 85 mm.

If want to make a cutting guide for cutting the soap with a knife or blade or a stainless steel wire stretched, has a drawing of how the grooves in the mold.
If you want a smaller mold, just resize the horizontal parts, for example, for 6 bar measurements are by half.

The photo posted above is a old model, has only one difference in the side piece.

You can download pdf document on downloads page – click here


Soap mold lining

This reusable mold lining I used for a long time, is made of plastic sheets in A4 size they use for wrapping papers. Can be used for the acetate or polypropylene, these being the most resistant. Can be found at stationery stores or making photocopies and binding. It has a small mass problem sometimes stick a little jacket, but nothing that compromises the finish of the soap bar. To reuse simply wash and dry.

You can download the pdf document on downloads page – clik here