Vegetable liquid soap – help

I’ve been trying to develop a more productive and easier process to make liquid vegetable soap. Even using a slow-cooker, hot process is laborious, time consuming and not very productive. Viewing the video from Vermont Soap showing their process to make olive liquid soap, thought it would be possible to do a similar process for small-scale craft.

I did a lot of experience and could not make a process that had good repeatability and reproducibility. That is, each time you do, you get a result, even a perfect score. The main defect and which more occurs is this supernatant of white color in a surface of the soap. Analyzing this defect can be seen that is unreacted oil surrounded by a layer of emulsified oil. I used this improvise equipment, a container for the reaction, a mechanical stirrer with digital controlled rpm, a feeder KOH solution, thermometers, and a hot plate. If anyone knows of a similar process to make liquid vegetable soap and want to share, thank you in advance.

Roberto Akira