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We are pleased to announce a new feature of Darluck natural cosmetics.

Our history has been a constant search for quality. Quality that meets the needs of our customers and delight. Through innovations and solutions in the products have achieved the quality targets.

Our concern from the beginning, besides quality, was also to sustainability. A biodegradable natural product could not come wrapped in a synthetic packaging. Then chose the natural polymer cellulose and recycled paper to pack our soaps.

With the growth we saw the opportunity to be innovating in this craft sector in question that packaging, and we decided that Darluck would then be a pioneer, as in other respects, the use of a simpler packaging and more in line with sustainability.

We developed a charming box to pack our soaps!
Everything is done for us, we maximize the handmade concept with great taste and creativity. We do not use any graphic or cardboarder to make these packages. We prepare the layout, buy recycled paper, printed, cut and assemble one by one these boxes.
Minimize the number of materials, we decrease the disposal, we use less resources and energy – nature thanks!

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