100% Coconut soap body & bath – ready

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After 3 weeks drying was completed the 100% coconut soap for use in the body. The question we had was whether this soap superfatting 20% to make him suitable for use in the body, neutralizing a possible effect of dry skin, was a really good soap for bath and body. I’ve used three days followed this soap in the shower and I can say that it is amazing, one the best soap I’ve ever made / used! It does not dry the skin, it leaves a feeling of treated skin with a cream or oil, velvety very nice. That’s because 20% of excess coconut oil is really a true superfatting. All other properties are excellent, has great hardness, and the bubble is fantastic! The essential oil massoia is very good, has a fabulous power of scent, smell fresh coconut! Each skin is a skin and not generalize, for me was very good, really enjoyed, you might not go so well in others, but in any case recommend making this soap.

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