Used cooking oil soap – why not be a first class soap?

Normally one soap that we make using used cooking oil, reusing oil and preserving nature, is always classified as a “second class” soap, that relegated the general cleaning soap, laundry soap, for washing clothes and kitchen. It is the unsightly soap, colorless and odorless, unless the smell of frying, the one that makes little foam, small bubbles and literally melts in water. Why not make a used oil soap “first class” that had pleasant aroma, color, abundant foam and great hardness and firmness, to be worthy of being a soap not only cleaning but eventually bathroom also, why not ?

For almost a year we collect the used oil here at home, before we gave to a lady who made soap, a mixture of approximately 60/40 canola and soybeans. The oil after dare was immediately placed in a container fitted with a sieve that retained the solids and then passed to plastics bottles where the fine particles was decanted for months. When accumulated about 20 liters was filtered on synthetic paper and separate decanted to yield an clean oil, clear and free of insoluble particulate materials and fluids.

Six batches of 5 kg soap were prepared by cold process using 70/20/10 – used oil / palm kernel oil / palm oil, SF of 5%. One batch has been left to natural, no colorants and no fragrance. The others each received a clay colored – green, yellow, red, pink and blue, and the following fragrances oils compatible with cold process – lemon grass, vanilla, lavender, bergamot and floral.



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