Beldi Black Soap handcrafted

What is the Beldi soap

Beldi black soap is a typical Moroccan soap used in baths (hammam) in the east, the Turkish bath or steam bath, especially in the beach town of Essaouria in the Atlantic coast of Morocco, where this soap was created.

The Beldi soap is a soap in paste form that makes few lather, dark brown, rich in vitamin E, which has many beneficial properties for the skin, which highlights its exfoliating action plus moisturize and soften the skin. It is used to prepare the skin for manual exfoliation, purifying the skin to thicken dead cells for subsequent removal.

 How used soap Beldi

With the skin being hot and humid environment in the sauna steam is passed over the entire body and Beldi black soap is left to act for 10 minutes as a mask treatment. Elapsed time is completely removed and then with a sponge appropriate uses up the sponge in Morocco Kassa suitable for Hamman, proceeds to hard exfoliation where dead skin cells are easily removed.This environment vapors and heat may be reproduced, stored in due proportion, in the home environment to form vapors leave the shower running in the bathroom stall.

Beldì Soap Formulation

There are several types of Beldi soap being the traditional dark color and fragrance of eucalyptus. The soap is made from olive oil and black olive paste saponificated with potassium hydroxide (KOH). Until the beginning of this month of April, I knew nothing about the black soap from North Africa and the Middle East and specifically this Beldi black soap. Was placed a post in the group Saboaria, Portugal, where I took the first contact. I was very concerned with the composition and apparent simplicity. A comment on my blog the soaper Luis Carlos Gulias made me a chance to make this handmade soap hot process by the process liquid soap, simply leave in paste form and not to dilute the liquid soap.

Analyzing the components of this soap you arrive at the conclusion that the key component is olive paste. It is an empirical reasoning by exclusion, because without the olive paste, this would be a simple soap, an olive soap in paste. The olive is approximately, varies according to the species type climate, and other variables, 52% water, 19% oil, 1.5% protein, 19% sugar, 7% cellulose  and 1.5% ash. For these components is that they should impart the characteristic properties of Beldì.

The formula was well prepared:
click here to formula download

Making Beldi black soap

I bought the black olives to prepare paste and I chose Lebanon black olives, despite the color is not very uniform, ranging from dark to some clearer. The advantage is that they were in brine and stoned.

These Lebanese olives were left in hot water for 5 minutes to remove the surface oil and then ground to turn a pate olives using a food processor.

Used an extra virgin olive oil Spanish I bought in a promotion. I usually do not waste extra virgin soap, but this was a good price.


It followed the normal hot for liquid soap that is on the website:, but with a few caveats:

– As a soap is 100% olive oil, the trace is very time consuming thing 15 minutes with the intensive mixer.

– This intensive mixer incorporates too much air into the batter and the first 2 hours of cooking is necessary to pay attention to avoid the eruption of mass moving with the spatula.

– There is a convection motion in the mass but not enough to free the air occluded in mixing

– As the mass becomes dark from the second hour, it is difficult to observe the phases characteristic of KOH hot process – applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc..- After 3 hours the pH was 9, indicating complete reaction of saponification.

– Let a further 1 hour, totaling 4 hours to evaporate some water and leave the more viscous paste.

The olive paste is mixing with hot olive oil

The trace takes times to happen, you need to use the mixer intensively

As the mixer was used extensively there are so much occluded air e therei s danger of eruption.

Almost 3 hours of cooking

This is the aspect after 4 hours of cooking at final of process

After overnight this is the final aspect of Beldi soap

The Beldi black soap



13 ideias sobre “Beldi Black Soap handcrafted

  1. Akira,
    the color and the texture of the soap is nice. How does the olive paste smell in the soap? do you use the preservative? if not for how long the soap is good?

    The soap with dry and ground eucalyptus leaves added at the trace (or after) are very popular among Russian speaking soap makers. With eucalyptus essential oil it smells very nice and does not go bad as there are no fresh unpreserved ingredients. In my bathroom I have a jar standing for almost a year – no sign of getting bad. Leaves exfoliate the skin very well.

  2. I’ve searched the web and can’t find a source for the ground olive seeds. Any idea where in N.America I could find these or is it something you make from olive pitts?
    Thanks for your help with this

  3. Olá Roberto,
    Estive agora a fazer a minha primeira experiência com esta receita, e não sei o que aconteceu, que o azeite separou-se!!!!! Estava a começar a fazer trace devagarinho e de repente, voltou ao estado líquido e nunca mais fez trace. Ainda estive com ele ao lume por 2 horas a mexer, mas nada. Sabes por acaso o que pode ter acontecido?
    Muito obrigada.

    • Ana,
      Difícil analisar o que aconteceu sem ter a fórmula que vc usou.
      Poderia passar pelo e-mail por por aqui mesmo, fica a seu critério e tb descreva em detalhes o processo que usou

      • Olá Roberto, já sei o que aconteceu.
        Comprei potassa, mas na realidade não era hidróxido de potássio e sim carbonato de sódio leve. 🙁
        Tenho de descobrir onde posso comprar KOH e não NaCO3.H2O que foi o que comprei.
        Deixei-me enganar pelo nome do embalagem que dizia potassa.

        Vou tentar de novo daqui a uns dias.
        Obrigada pela sua rápida resposta.

  4. Hello!!
    Thank you for this informative post. Just a few questions:

    How long did you let this cook in total?
    Did this cook overnight?
    How long on high and low for how long?

    Thank you,

    • SLM,
      This is like a normal liquid hot process.
      The cooking time is aprox. 3 hours in the high only.
      After 3 hours, at pH = 9, I cooked more 1 hour for water evaporation and consistence.