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We are pleased to announce a new feature of Darluck natural cosmetics.

Our history has been a constant search for quality. Quality that meets the needs of our customers and delight. Through innovations and solutions in the products have achieved the quality targets.

Our concern from the beginning, besides quality, was also to sustainability. A biodegradable natural product could not come wrapped in a synthetic packaging. Then chose the natural polymer cellulose and recycled paper to pack our soaps.

With the growth we saw the opportunity to be innovating in this craft sector in question that packaging, and we decided that Darluck would then be a pioneer, as in other respects, the use of a simpler packaging and more in line with sustainability.

We developed a charming box to pack our soaps!
Everything is done for us, we maximize the handmade concept with great taste and creativity. We do not use any graphic or cardboarder to make these packages. We prepare the layout, buy recycled paper, printed, cut and assemble one by one these boxes.
Minimize the number of materials, we decrease the disposal, we use less resources and energy – nature thanks!

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The Revita Hair Line was developed with noble active 100% natural clean, moisturize and nourish the strands soft and balanced manner. The Mask of intensive treatment combines the best nutrition for dry and damaged hair. With vegetable glycerin, wheat protein, vitamin E, and a wide choice of butters and oils that noble wires to provide extra nutrition, stand out with regenerating Shea butter and emollient-rich properties in vitamins A, D, E and F acts revitalizing and nourishing the hair, Mango Butter with highly emollient emollient and restorative, Murumuru Butter and Butter Cupuaçú are and give shine to hair, olive oil provides elasticity to prevent wire breakage, and add hydration, the Avocado Oil is rich in vitamin a, B1, B12, and C, magnesium, calcium, iron, promotes extra hydration to the wires, the Natural herbal Extract Jaborandi properties with works by increasing blood circulation, preventing the loss of hair.

The Mask of intensive treatment of Revita line is essential to treat dry and damaged hair quickly and effectively, restoring softness, shine and health item. Used in conjunction with other line items, Balanced Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner, compose a complete natural treatment for hair restoration. Its aroma of essential oils Lavender and Sweet Orange highlighting, leave the naturally perfumed hair, promoting a sense of well being.

This product is for sale in Darluck –


Facial Line solution – Cleanner mousse

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It is with great pleasure and pride that we present in pre launch our newest line.
Facial Line * Solution *
Made with selected raw materials and herbal assets to meet all types of skin, hygiene, toning and moisturizing protocols.
Our own manufacturing plant extracts will be in all products, adding quality and care. The results you will feel on the skin.
The DarLuck always innovating in their research to offer the best in products, following our natural concept.

Will soon be on sale Darluck  –

Vanilla Extract


Finally after a long wait of two months the vanilla extracts ready.

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Will be used in cosmetic preparations and cooking. An authentic vanilla extract and not those of synthetic vanilla essences sold in the market.

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After extraction and filtration, the remaining vanilla was processed to turn a vanilla sugar.
Ground vanilla and sugar.

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Preparing medicinal plants and herbs extracts


We produce our own plant extracts and herbs that we use in soaps and phytocosmetic.

We do this because we want to have control over the quality of raw materials we use in our products and to be harmonized with the concept of natural and handcrafted product that advocate and practice.

Industrialized contains extracts derived from petrochemicals, such as propylene glycol solvent and synthetic antioxidant BHT products – ButylHidroxyToluene, and for this reason and also because the source is not always reliable, we do not use these inputs in our products.

We use an efficient extraction process that gives extracts produced quality and reliability.






My blog – 1 million views!

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The blog today, June 26, 2014, reached the milestone of 1 million views after 18 months of its publication.

It is with great pleasure, pride that I celebrate this brand is that is in keeping with my goal to share knowledge.

Thank you to all visitors!

“Happy is who transfers what know and learn what teach”
Cora Coralina.

After Shave Balm Mint


Complementing the line for shaving, a natural  after shave balm, as an option to the classic splash after shave type. Added to regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing properties of Aloe Vera, the presence of natural alpha bisabolol provides exceptional anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing protection for skin. A refreshing scent of mint essential oil provides comfort after shaving.


Packaging in glass with spray system provides an easy and convenient application directly in the face




Vanilla Extract


These vanilla beans provided by Ane Walsh are lush Grade A Madagascar Vanilla planifolia, the best there is.


Succulent, fleshy, aromatic, nothing like the stunted and droughts that are out there.


To make the alcoholic vanilla extract has been used grain alcohol in the proportion of 250 ml per 30g vanilla beans. This extract can be used for cosmetics and also for culinary purposes.



The beans are cut in half lengthwise to expose the seeds which concentrates the aroma of vanilla.



With the knife the seeds, called caviar, are scraped removing from the beans.


I prefer to chop the beans after removing seeds, but you can leave them whole.
Cutting the pods into small pieces you increase the surface area and the extraction is more effective.


t is placed in the bottle with grain alcohol and stirred vigorously. I used a bottle of clear glass for effect to photos, but the recommendation is using a dark colored bottle, green or amber to avoid contact with light.


P1040012Here, it is now only wait two months and vanilla extract will be ready. In the first week stirred daily and then at least once a week.


Darluck Natural Handmade Soaps & Cosmetics – partnership


We are very proud and pleased to announce a technical and commercial partnership with Darluck Saboaria e Cosmética by Cris Dragesso Luckachaki from Tangara da Serra, MT, Brazil.

Cris is a professional beautician and has been dedicated for over 15 years, working with Pro Estética Mulher your company in the city of Tangara da Serra. Has a year decided to dedicate also to make handmade soap and cosmetics and facing many difficulties due to distance of over 2000 km that separates the great centers, able to establish, with great skill and dedication, an activity that offers products and high quality services – customers happy!

saboa allWith a creative and comprehensive line of handmade soaps, offers a complete solution for natural products. New products will emerge regularly to meet the needs of the client. Regastou fondly reminiscences of the past with Alma & Olga Line made ​​by hot process that preserves the assets of oils and plants. Alma & Olga is part of the portfolio of products comprising lines of soaps, cosmetics, home products, all natural without use of synthetic and harmful health products.

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Recently launched the beginning of a complete line of 100% natural cosmetics, vegetables.

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A segregated space, dedicated to the development of products, which very soon if you plan to enlarge.

I have high expectations for the success of this partnership, I believe in the competence and constancy of purpose and quality of jobs that have always guided the activities of Cris Dragesso Luckachaki!
Good luck and work hard for all of us.

Old scale – recovery

IMG_0666This rampant digital age we live in, going through a junkyard around here, I came across this mechanical Filizola scale. Very damaged, leaning very time, witnessed by last INMETRO inspection sticker dated 2002 there, but in a quick check found that it worked perfectly. Bought by Mr Silvano owner of the junkyard with intent to restore it.

P1030887RevI do not have a precise reference to the scale but I know that this type was widely used at post offices for the weighing letters to make the charging,


The scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 2 kg and the scale reading is divided into 1 g.


Very robust scale, made ​​of cast iron, weighs 15kg, very stable and accurate.


Natural cosmetics – release!

P1030836It is with great satisfaction that after six months of development and testing, I am launching an initial line of cosmetics – Cream Moisturizing Body, Moisturizing Cream for Hands and Face Lotion.

Are all natural vegetable products, free of any petrochemical derivative and that would surely be certified as natural by any cosmetics certifying bodies with global presence.

The difficulty of developing a line of products of this type here in Brazil, artisanal scale, the availability and quality of raw materials. It is very difficult to obtain the principal components and cosmetic actives for quality and reliability. Much time was spent in search of suitable raw materials and that would meet the development objective of cosmetic products. dimensoes cosmeticos verde tituloThe objectives established for product development were based on the dimensions that are used routinely to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a cosmetic. This can be measured on 6 fundamental properties – nutrition, protection, penetration, slip application and oiliness. The goal is to achieve the maximum in the first five properties and the minimum in oily. I believe that I achieved this goal through careful choice of oils, cosmetic active and emulsifying system, developing three products 100% natural, free of any petroleum product. P1030823 P1030825 P1030827

Shaving soap – sandal

In the classic shaving many prefer shaving soap to shaving cream. The shaving soap requires a little more work to load the brush and build the lather. This time spent is part of the ritual of the classic shaving and refers to the golden age of the great barber. Are still the main products of the centenary and fashionable London houses the 3Ts – Truefitt and Hill, GF Trumper and Taylor Of Old Bond Street. P1030778 This container made ​​of ceramics in Japan, serves to maintain the shaving soap bar in use. P1030779P1030774This is another option, a ceramic made ​​in China more rustic look. P1030776P1030791