Vanilla Extract


These vanilla beans provided by Ane Walsh are lush Grade A Madagascar Vanilla planifolia, the best there is.


Succulent, fleshy, aromatic, nothing like the stunted and droughts that are out there.


To make the alcoholic vanilla extract has been used grain alcohol in the proportion of 250 ml per 30g vanilla beans. This extract can be used for cosmetics and also for culinary purposes.



The beans are cut in half lengthwise to expose the seeds which concentrates the aroma of vanilla.



With the knife the seeds, called caviar, are scraped removing from the beans.


I prefer to chop the beans after removing seeds, but you can leave them whole.
Cutting the pods into small pieces you increase the surface area and the extraction is more effective.


t is placed in the bottle with grain alcohol and stirred vigorously. I used a bottle of clear glass for effect to photos, but the recommendation is using a dark colored bottle, green or amber to avoid contact with light.


P1040012Here, it is now only wait two months and vanilla extract will be ready. In the first week stirred daily and then at least once a week.


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