Darluck Natural Handmade Soaps & Cosmetics – partnership


We are very proud and pleased to announce a technical and commercial partnership with Darluck Saboaria e Cosmética by Cris Dragesso Luckachaki from Tangara da Serra, MT, Brazil.

Cris is a professional beautician and has been dedicated for over 15 years, working with Pro Estética Mulher your company in the city of Tangara da Serra. Has a year decided to dedicate also to make handmade soap and cosmetics and facing many difficulties due to distance of over 2000 km that separates the great centers, able to establish, with great skill and dedication, an activity that offers products and high quality services – customers happy!

saboa allWith a creative and comprehensive line of handmade soaps, offers a complete solution for natural products. New products will emerge regularly to meet the needs of the client. Regastou fondly reminiscences of the past with Alma & Olga Line made ​​by hot process that preserves the assets of oils and plants. Alma & Olga is part of the portfolio of products comprising lines of soaps, cosmetics, home products, all natural without use of synthetic and harmful health products.

produto 11

Recently launched the beginning of a complete line of 100% natural cosmetics, vegetables.

atelier all

A segregated space, dedicated to the development of products, which very soon if you plan to enlarge.

I have high expectations for the success of this partnership, I believe in the competence and constancy of purpose and quality of jobs that have always guided the activities of Cris Dragesso Luckachaki!
Good luck and work hard for all of us.

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