Natural coconut soap

This is a simple coconut soap for use in general cleaning of the house, especially the kitchen and for washing clothes. After drying can be processed into powder soap for washing machine.

People who buy industrialized coconut soap complain that soap now has a lower quality, the cleaning power is diminished and the soap dissolves, is too soft on contact with water. In part this is due to the greed of businessmen who have salt added as filler to give weight and increase profitability and this compromises the performance of the soap.
This soap is 100% natural coconut was made to use a quantity of crude and organic babassu oil very old I had here. The formulation is 80% babassu oil, 20% of used cooking oil with a superfatting 5% and as coloring, titanium dioxide for white, red iron oxide, chromium oxide green, iron oxide black and violet overseas, to swirl.Was used lye concentration of 32%.

When a coconut soap is made by using only coconut oil the soap is excessive hardness makes it difficult to use and the cold process also generates a lot of heat (exotherm) with the risk of crack soap into the mold. 20% of the recovered oil (canola / soybean – 60/40) was used to minimize these problems without compromising the quality of the product, including making it less aggressive to the skin.

This saponification with lauric acid present in babassu oil is very reactive and have to stay in the mold uncapped to relieve the heat generated and is ready to be cut after 4 hours, it is impossible to leave more time to cut with the wire cutters. As there is a strong detachment of heat and the mold is opened, there is a small carbonation on the surface of the block of soap, can be seen in green and black.


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